Romano Missio in English

Romano Missio is a national child welfare and social service organization. It also produces Christian and educational services for the Romany (Gipsy) people. Romano Missio cooperates with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, united Christians, municipalities, state and Romany organizations. Romano Missio is the oldest national Romany organization, established in the year 1906.

Child welfare

We maintain large children’s home what is located in the Southern part of Finland in Hämeenkoski.

Social services

We help Roma people by counselling in housing, employment, educational and social issues in order to develope the life conditions of Romany people.

Christian ministries

We offer Church services in Romany language. The liturgy, hymns and sermon are all held in Romans. The very first Romany Church service was held in 1995 in Marias’ Lutheran Church in Turku. The archbishop John Wikström held the ceremony which was translated to Romans. Other Christian activities are summer camps, meetings, Bible studies in Romans, etc. according the needs of the Roma people.


We support the Romany children and adolescent’s opportunities to vocational education and to the better possibilities to succeed in the working life. We maintain a scholarship fund for young people who want to educate themselves.

Information services

We inform in Romany cultural and other issues in different educational institutes, schools, and local and state authorities.

We publish a Romany newspaper five times a year by name Romano Boodos, which in Romans means ”Romany message”. The newspaper contains cultural, Christian and social issues.


We organize project working among Roma people in Finland. There are four projects going on at the moment. The family project helps and develops the services for young people and families. The other projects are Skoola ta kenti-schoolproject and a prevention project of displacing young Roma people. The project supports young people in their educational matters. EQUAL-employment project has started in cooperation with Jyväskylä town.


Our Child care welfare is funded by the local municipalities. The social, Christian and project services are funded by Lutheran Churches, RAY (Finnish Slot Machine Association), Social Affairs and Health Ministry and by private donations.